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Girlfriends, Gustav Klimt, 1916-1917

Girlfriends, Gustav Klimt, 1916-1917

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Girlfriends - Gustav Klimt. 1916-1917

The work of "Girlfriends" (1916-1917, burned down in 1945), built on the contrast of the naked body of one of the girls, looking like a beautiful odalisque, and the figure of her friend wrapped in red clothes. The streamlined name of the work hides the lesbian relationships of the heroines, which Klimt did not hesitate to tell the world, like his French counterpart Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The figures of the girls are practically devoid of volumetric modeling, due to which they almost merge with the background, becoming elements of the ornament.

It is difficult to say whether the animals and flowers depicted in the background mean something specific. However, in Chinese art, under which the work is stylized, they would conceal an erotic meaning. So, a chicken would be a symbol of a woman (possibly of easy behavior), a dragon - a male sexuality. Probably, flowers carry the same semantic meaning, meaning feminine.

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