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Harvest near Monfuco, Camille Pissarro, 1876

Harvest near Monfuco, Camille Pissarro, 1876

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Harvest near Monfuco - Camille Pissarro. 65x92

Painting Harvest near Monfuco - The most successful landscape of all written in the name of Louis Pietta, a true friend of Pissarro. This work is one of the most important works of the impressionist period of the creative artist. Free composition and accurate color scheme have tremendous power. The picture amazes the viewer with its openness and sincerity.

Monfuco Area, near Maine, in western France, differ from the landscapes of Paris familiar to the artist. This part of France adjacent to the ocean appears in evergreen vegetation, in small clouds covering the deep blue sky, as well as in contrasting colors.

Pissarro works sweeping here, fervently, using wide brushes, and in some places even a spatula. The paints were applied not with light movements, which would make it possible to obtain the effect of fine nuances, but with wide and sharp strokes, which divide the picture into several local color planes and give the impression of blurry plans.

The palette is less diverse than usual, but very bright. Gold straw glows and even shimmers against the background of deep green trees. The blue of the sky, literally strewn with clouds, contrasts with the warm, pale ocher color of the earth. This is a joyful scene, insanely colorful, where the smell of harvest rises above the sheaves and is in the air, - one of the critics will say about this picture Pissarro.

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