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Lviv City Art Gallery, Ukraine

Lviv City Art Gallery, Ukraine

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The city of Lviv itself is a concentration of historical and cultural monuments. Among this variety there is a special pearl called Art Gallery. Let’s talk about it.

The exposition itself Art Gallery with all his appearance, he speaks of the status of the city of Lviv, which is rightfully the cultural center of Ukraine. The idea of ​​creating a gallery originated in the minds of the intelligentsia of the city of Lviv at the end of the 19th century. At that time, it was to create a museum in which exhibits of European art will be collected. Moreover, the movement has achieved considerable success and introduced an expense item in the city budget, and for that time it can be called innovation. By the way, this item of expenditures of the budget of the city of Lviv was called for the purchase of popular works of art for galleries. By 1906, the gallery had received over 10 paintings and an invaluable collection of art values ​​by the landowner Ivan Yakovlevich. By the way, it was this collection that served as the basis for the creation of "City Art Gallery".

At this point in time, gallery collection is more than 54 thousand works of art. One of the most valuable are Lviv icons and Lviv home furnishings. And the pride of the museum, of course, is the paintings of Austrian painters and paintings of Polish artists such as J. de Latour, F. Maulberch, J. Malchevsky. The gallery itself includes about 10 museums in addition to the main one.

Let's not forget about another status assigned to the gallery. Lviv City Art Gallery - This is Mecca for all art lovers, as well as for people involved in its restoration, study and classification, because this is where many scientific conferences take place. Scientists who will work in the field of art in the future also practice here. We can not say about the holding of many international exhibitions in other countries, such as the USA, Poland, France, Austria.

Until recently, the Lviv Art Gallery could boast that it had never been robbed, but, unfortunately, relatively recently, a daring robbery was committed - a lot of valuables were stolen and two museum employees were killed. After that, security measures were strengthened.

In conclusion, I’ll say that visiting Art Gallery of the city of Leo You will be completely satisfied with her exhibits.

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