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Self portrait at the age of 54, Rembrandt, 1660

Self portrait at the age of 54, Rembrandt, 1660

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Self portrait at the age of 54 - Rembrandt. 80.3x67.3

In the heritage of Rembrandt's drawings and paintings, at least seventy-five self-portraits are a kind of “visual diary”. However, the need to reflect one’s own life and constant physiognomic analysis is not only a sign of accentuated autobiographical interest or self-confidence: self-portraits provide an opportunity to explore the reflection of various emotions in facial features or allow you to experiment with the nuances of posture, manners and conditional gestures. Some of the self-portraits were custom-made, while others were written for the family, but it cannot be ruled out that a considerable number of them, especially later works, are a kind of visual autobiography.

This canvas, the composition of which is quite strict, is one of the few where the artist appears in a touching image of a man who looks older than his fifty-four years.

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