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To my wife, Marc Chagall

To my wife, Marc Chagall

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My wife is Marc Chagall. 131 x 194

An unusual picture in the nude genre, full of symbols and signs that arise at the level of the unconscious, "My wife" is dedicated to Bella Rosenfeld. By the time they finished work on the painting (1944), they had been married for almost 30 years, but Bella was still the same beloved woman, muse, manager and guardian angel of the painter.

The viewer is already accustomed to seeing Chagall’s wife - they usually fly with the master himself above the ground (“Walk”, “Birthday”, etc.), but this work was decided in a completely different style. The painter decided to portray his beloved naked, while filling the canvas with his own fine quotes, albeit in an unreliable version.

Almost in the center of the picture is Chagall himself, hugging Bella the Bride, and this gives a reference to the canvas “Wedding”, and there is a red angel with a violin, a frequent hero of the master’s work, and a blue goat, also recognizable. In addition, the picture has a clear Jewish character, just look at the minor at the top of the canvas.

Some critics tend to compare this work with a biblical plot related to the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. One way or another, one thing remains undeniable - the presented work is another ode to a beloved woman who, after 10 years, is destined to leave both her master and this world.

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