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St. Christopher, Hans Memling, 1484

St. Christopher, Hans Memling, 1484

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St. Christopher - Hans Memling. 1484

In 1484, Christopher carrying the Infant Christ on his shoulders. In a cave in a rock, the hermit holds a lantern, showing travelers a dangerous ford. The baby on the shoulders of the saint raised his right hand in blessing. Christopher's gaze is directed upward; the expression on his face shows that he knew whom he was carrying at the moment when the leaves miraculously blossomed on his pole. Memling conveys the gigantic growth of Christopher, depicting his feet under water below ground level.

ST CHRISTOPHER. A resident of Canaan, characterized by great growth and strength, St. Christopher converted to Christianity to serve the most powerful lord. The hermit ordered him to help those who want to wade a dangerous river. Once a child asked to carry him across the river, Christopher took him on his shoulders and entered the water. With each step, the water became more and more stormy, and the child was heavy, like lead. When they got to the other side, the Infant revealed to him that he was Christ, bearing the brunt of the whole world. He told Christopher to stick his pole in the ground, and the next morning the pole was covered with fruits and leaves.

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