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Naked Woman - Charles Guerin

Naked Woman - Charles Guerin

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Naked woman - Charles Guerin. 116x89

A student of the famous symbolist artist Gustav Moro, Charles Guerin (1875-1939) honed his own skill, copying paintings of old masters in the Louvre. In his works, he does not depart from recognizable forms, does not experiment. The painter depicts models in a calm, often chamber setting, the palette of his works is soft and harmonious, there are no flashy colors in it.

Nude model in the picture presented, he calmly poses for the artist, not at all embarrassed by the situation and the complete lack of clothing, except for a large black hat. A blue contour line emphasizes and highlights the pink and white skin of the model. In this work of Guerin, the influence of the decorative works of Maurice Denis is felt, and the color structure of the canvas resembles the works of Paul Cezanne with his exquisite blue and blue tone. The famous art lover S. I. Schukin repeatedly acquired paintings by Guerin in his collection.

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