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The wedding of Peter I and Catherine I on February 19, A.F. Zubov, 1712

The wedding of Peter I and Catherine I on February 19, A.F. Zubov, 1712

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The wedding of Peter I and Catherine I on February 19 - Alexei Fedorovich Zubov. 54x63.3

An outstanding Russian engraver of the Petrine era, Alexei Fedorovich Zubov (1682 - after 1741/1750) studied and worked with Adrian Shkhonebek in the Armory in Moscow.

Saturated with details and characters engraving with a scene weddings of Peter I and Catherine I presents to the viewer a large hall, the walls and ceiling of which are decorated with woven tapestries, mirrors and carpets. Numerous tables are set one after another in the form of a closed letter O. In the foreground between the ladies is Catherine I in a half-turn, in the background are Peter I and Alexander Menshikov, who was a master of ceremonies at the wedding. All depicted are dressed in European fashion, in a Western manner. Ladies - in elegant robes with tower-shaped hairstyles, men - in caftans and wigs. Through the open side doors, other tables are visible, at which other guests are seated. Everything is presented solemnly and ceremoniously.

The engraving did not have a signature, but was printed in the Petersburg printing house, where at that time the only master worked - Alexey Zubov. Interestingly, as a model, he chose the work of his teacher, “Theophilact Shansky's Wedding in Lefort's Palace”.

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