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"Walk of the King", Alexander N. Benois - description of the painting

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Walk of the king - Alexander Nikolaevich Benois. 48 x 62 cm

Benoit was an artist, theorist and art critic, he wrote many monographs and studies devoted to individual artists and the history of art in general. The work of Benoit-artist is mainly devoted to two topics: “France of the Sun King era” and “Petersburg of the 18th - early 19th centuries”, which were embodied in a certain kind of historical painting, creating a special “retrospective” look at the past.

Describing the king’s walks, the author ignored nothing: neither park views with garden architecture (they were written from nature), nor theatrical performances, very fashionable in ancient times, nor everyday scenes drawn after a careful study of historical material.

“Walk of the King” is a very effective work. The viewer meets with Louis XIV, walking through his brainchild. In Versailles, autumn: trees and shrubs threw off foliage, their bare branches look lonely in the gray sky. The water is calm. It seems that nothing can disturb a quiet pond, in the mirror of which both the sculptural group of the fountain and the decorous procession of the monarch and his entourage are reflected.

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